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City Hall
P.O. Box 2315
480 East Ave. N.
Ketchum, ID  83340
Ph: 208.726.3841
Fax: 208.726.8234
Essential Services Facilities
Option A.JPG

• Can’t fix City Hall as is! Adequate, “cheap”, and 30-40 yr. longevity important.
• Demolition est. cost is too high!
• No parking – nice window boxes.
• Tear it down. Retail and big parking garage and affordable housing.
• Too expensive and not a good location – should be retail or services (non-gov’t).
• Not the best use of this location – much better possibilities.
• Possibility to sell the property for $2.5 million and use the funds for other projects.
• Waste of money for relocation and temp facilities.
• Like the idea and location, but concerned about cost. Like the idea that City has a say in what development could be done on this site.
• Current City Hall is too outdated and antiquated and too close to Atkinson’s so parking is an issue. Too expensive and still doesn’t include the Fire Station.
• Sell it!!!
• Building needs to come down. Rebuild is a good option.
• You have better options.

Option B.JPG

• Let’s not destroy a popular park and museum for an insufficient space option!
• Tear out affordable housing units – move to other / and build 3 story (?) City Hall there. Don’t touch museums!
• Lots of parking – historical and quaint.
• No. Leave it alone. Cultural and recreational.
• No. Park is too far out of the City Center. We need a City Hall we can be proud of.
• Nope- why move from deficient property to even more-deficient property!
• No. Leave the park as is. Great community gathering spot with better uses.
• Prefer to leave park as is.
• We need to keep our parks and open spaces, too! Forest Service Park is a popular and well-used venue as well as a part of Ketchum’s history.
• No way, Jose!!!
• Leave these buildings, alone. Huge part of what makes Ketchum special.


• Other city-owned parcels.
• Best option in terms of meeting all stated needs; may cost more than remodeling existing facility but cost/benefit needs to be carefully considered.
• I hate uncertainty – too much of that already!
• A new City Hall here might destroy these nice houses and scale.
• Stock Building Supply property is the only option. Get on a bond issue. Fire and Police would be able to all be in same area and still very close to town.
• Too expensive.
• Crazy to buy land and then build new. Downtown Ketchum dirt prices are too high and rising quickly.
• Current site won’t sell for that price!
• Why spend that much when you have a better option.
• Too uncertain and expensive.
• I think this option would create other problems – downtown parking! Stock bldg. lot might be an option? If they will negotiate on price!
• No way, Jose!!


• I like it!
• Great option.
• Yes!
• DO it!
• Please do this! // !!!
• Sounds like a good opportunity.
• I like this Building (with elevator) and it’s practically brand new.
• Go for it.
• Use existing location for a badly needed parking garage in heart of downtown. 1-2 floors below grade extending under the 2 adjacent streets and 3 floors above existing plot. Corner ground floor as retail.
• Current location is undervalued in this presentation.
• Terrible option – no parking and expansion would be necessary down the road.
• This checks all boxes and is less than replacement – go for it!
• Love it!!! This is the best solution. Saves $, saves time, no burden on taxpayers.
• No parking – we have a big enough problem already.
• Why pay full price when property has been on market for [?] days – no one does that.
• Do not need to put non refundable money as an option – all properties can have feasibility study.
• Best option.
• Best option if parking expanded.
• I prefer this option but think there needs to be some serious talks with Simplot about the lot across the street ~ FIRE STATION and more parking….. and possibly some affordable housing??
• Maybe!!
• Very concerned about parking. Is renovation cost accurate / realistic? What about the current businesses in the building – cost of buy out?

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