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Design Review Approval Information
17.96.060: Construction Requiring Design Review Approval
Receiving Construction Proposals
The commission and administrator are hereby empowered and shall review proposals for construction, alteration or placement of buildings, or structures upon real property within said D design review district as outlined in subsection 17.96.100A of this chapter. No application for the building permit for such construction shall be accepted by the Ketchum building department unless said project has made application for and received design review approval or administrative exemption in accordance with this title.

Single-family residential construction shall be exempt from the provisions of this title, except for the construction of more than one single-family (one-family) dwelling on a lot, and shall not be subject to the review process set forth herein except as otherwise provided for in the waterways and mountain overlay design review districts. The mayor and council hereby find this exception is appropriate for the following reasons:
  • First, single-family residential construction is found to have a lesser impact upon adjacent streets and adjacent land uses compared to construction of higher density units.
  • Second, single-family residential use is generally found to provide sufficient design quality, including landscaping, parking, and open space, to comply with the purposes of this title.

Single-Family Residential Construction Requirements
Provided, however, that an application for a building permit for single-family residential construction on a lot zoned GR-L must include a separate written, notarized acknowledgment of design review requirements form to be duly recorded with the Blaine County recorder's office so that it appears in the title of the property. Said form shall state the applicant's actual knowledge and acceptance that a subsequent single-family dwelling unit or a conversion of the existing unit into a two-family unit will require design review approval and may require alterations to the existing one-family unit. Said form will be available at the Ketchum planning department. (Ord. 857 § 2, 2001: Ord. 831 § 1, 1999)