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Posted on: July 12, 2018

Are you having fun yet?

2018.07.12 Bikes.jpg
Are you having fun yet? Are you getting out there? Summer is upon us and we are in the midst of music, wet dogs, hot dogs, fundraisers, art walks, wildflower hikes and much, much more.

As I attend events around our valley, I am continually amazed by the amount of selfless generosity that abounds in our community. Our giving comes in different forms – time, money, donations, etc. – but the mission is the same: to make a difference and to make something better for someone else.

Back at City Hall, I want to let you know that we have released the first draft of the proposed city budget for fiscal year 2019. This budget is about balance; not only the balance between revenues and expenses, but the balance between investing in our future while preparing for the potential of an economic downturn.

I am delighted to recommend a budget that I believe achieves a healthy balance between prudent savings while spending on initiatives that will move Ketchum towards our vision of a city that is vibrant, connected, sustainable and safe.

Encouraging the next generation to make Ketchum their home is also a focus of our spending. If we can provide more workforce housing and stimulate entrepreneurship while offering a balanced lifestyle of events, arts, culture and, of course, our great outdoors, our city will surely be attractive and affordable to young transplants.

Hope you are getting out there ... wherever “there” is for you.

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