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Posted on: January 12, 2018

The Word is Out

2017.12.28 Bradshaw web.jpg
Happy New Year - I hope this note finds you safe, well, and looking forward to the year ahead.

My journey to Ketchum has taken me, quite literally, half-circle. I was born and grew up almost exactly on the other side of the world (check your antipodes map) Harare, Zimbabwe (yes, that's where I got my accent). My circuitous journey to Ketchum included living in London, San Francisco, New York, Kuala Lumpur and Johannesburg. Through meeting a Ketchum-local (and my wife-to-be) in Zimbabwe in 1998, I visited Ketchum for the first time and before I knew it, my big world found a home in this small town.

My election campaign focused on a vision of Ketchum as a vibrant, connected, sustainable and safe place. I see a diversity of housing options as a key ingredient to achieving that vision and have made that my top priority. We all know we have world-class natural resources here, but it's my view that our community is our single greatest asset and by tapping into that resource we will do the best for Ketchum.

I see my role in government as being connected to our constituents and remaining open to ideas. Engaged neighborhoods are the building blocks of successful cities and open dialogue leads to good public policy. There will always be challenges that face our town but I believe that if we are connected, we can face those challenges together - and with empathy, tolerance and understanding we can find solutions that work for us all.

Finally, a big shout out to Nina, Anne and Baird for their service and contribution to our town. Throughout their time in local government, they spent countless hours dedicated to the best interest of our town. I thank them all.

Now, let's get started.


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